Sunday, July 3, 2011

One quilt top done, and indecision as another begins.

Modern Crosses - Top is done

I have finished the Modern Crosses Quilt top! It has 59 crosses - each is made of 4 log cabin blocks, so a total of 236 log cabin blocks - which makes it a twin size quilt. This pattern is from Modern Log Cabin Quilting by Susan Beal. I love the way she turned a group of 4 log cabin blocks into a cross.

I used a nice big pile of different bold and brightly coloured fabrics which seem to play well together because of the crazy brightness and all that white. I am using the same pile for the Farmer's Wife QAL, it is great fun to work with all this colour.

Modern Crosses - closeup

In the close up you can see how the juxtaposition of the 4 log cabins works and creates a sort of swirl of the fabric colours.  Linda, an internet friend, pointed out that for my next version of this quilt, I could save time, trimming and pressing if I used 1/2 log cabins (the coloured side) and then just sashed the remainder once the cross was formed. I am already planning another one of these quilts, so I am going to use this idea for sure.

Modern Crosses - basted

Here is it pin basted in my living room. I have to push all the furniture to the walls and take care not to jab the hardwood, but it works.

Modern Crosses - basted

Look at how lovely it looks all pressed and pinned. Now I am going start the quilting. I am planning straight lines through the centre of the crosses, on either side of the seam that runs both vertically and horizontally through the cross. I am thinking one or two lines on each side of the seams in each direction for each cross, assuming I do not run out of steam.

Here is another project, the start of the Kaleidoscope QAL. I am sewing the small triangles onto the large triangles of the aqua and chartreuse pieces, and that will get me caught up to the QAL. However I cannot decide on a layout.

Layout #1 has one colour for each of the "stars". This brings out the circle that the background makes for the stars.

Kaleidoscope Layout #1

Layout #2 seems to be more like what most people are doing, although most are also using a solid and I am, instead, using a third grouping of grey-black prints. This layout de-emphasizes the stars and emphasizes the larger circles around the 8 piece "fans".

Kaleidoscope Layout #2

Kaleidoscope quilts are so interesting - different uses of colour can make the overall look of the design appear so different.

I welcome any advice on the layout. I have also asked the QAL group on flickr for their thoughts. This quilt will end up being about 60 x 72 inches with 30 of the 8 piece fan blocks in total.

I will show you some other QAL and Quilting Bee progress later this week, I have some more nice blocks to share.




Little Island Quilting said...

Love both the quilts you are working on at the moment. Slightly prefer the first layout for the kaleidoscope quilt if that helps!

MariQuilts said...

Love the modern crosses....looks beautiful. You've been busy.

Manda said...

Modern crosses quilt looks great! Kaleidoscope quilt... Not sure which I prefer they both look great. I guess it depends which look your going for, to be the 2nd layout seems a bit subtler?

Ruth said...

The modern crosses look great - and I love the colours in your kaleidoscope! I like the first layout a teensy bit more for some reason maybe its familiarity, as I've seen this layout in blogland before), but of course both would look fabulous!

Judith, Belfast said...

Your Modern Crosses quilt is absolutely stunning L, you've really inspired me to have a go at this pattern (which was the reason I bought the book in the first place!). I think your idea for quilting it is perfect too. I love the fabrics you're using for your Kaliedoscope quilt, and my preference is seeing the windmills rather than the stars, but both are fab. I'm dreadly behind in mine - must get my skates on! Jxo

Fiona @ Poppy Makes said...

Your crosses quilt is beautiful! I love your Kaleidoscope quilt. I think that has to go on my 'One day' quilt list. I love both layouts but think I slightly prefer the 1st one

Marg said...

Your Crosses quilt really is gorgeous. I have the book and will make one eventually. I like the idea that Linda had, it seems much more simple.
The kaleidoscope quilt is really lovely, I love your choice of colours and the grey-black prints.

Dianne Neale said...

It took me ages of looking closely to see the stars, and then the difference (duh!) but once I got it, I like the first better!

Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

beautiful job on that cross quilt; it is just lovely. The second is really coming together also. nice work there.

Siobhan said...

Hi Leanne, I love your quilt, it is fab. I think layout 1 is great, very different looking :)

Linz said...

YOur modern crosses looks wonderful!! SO beautiful! I look forward to seeing it all quilted!

I really like the fan layout, but of course, both look great and it comes down to what you like best! Good luck!

Vicky said...

I'm hoping to start on the modern crosses after I finish the Kaleidoscope QAL. Looking forward to seeing yours all quilted. As for you Kaleido quilt layout, I do like both, #2 is subtle and #1 colours just pop out for me (looking at the thumbnail picture). I think either way, you won't be disappointed. Your fabric choices are excellent.

Sarah said...

Some great work! I'm loving all your bright colours, the modern crosses is going to be an awesome quilt. I really like the fabric combination you've used for Kaliedoscope too, I think I like layout 1 best, I love the small circles that the greys make :-)

tusen said...

I like your choice of colours for the Kaleidoscope quilt very much. Both layouts are great but I like the first just a bit more.

Cheryl Arkison said...

Gorgeous all around! I can't wait to see the crosses in person!
As for your layout question, I really like the first one. The designs pop. Great colour choices!

Marci Girl said...

Leanne I honestly like #1 the best, but I'm not sure Modern crosses turned out beautiful!