Saturday, July 30, 2011

I'm sewing again!

DQS11 - Progress has been made, do you like it so far?

I'm back from Hawaii and sewing again. I have finished the top on the DQS11 miniquilt. It's blue-green-purpleness reminds me of the ocean. It has 32 nine patch blocks and 31 white blocks, for a total of 63 blocks. I think that those proportions are about right, many of my full size quilts have about 63 blocks.

DQS11 on my original Irish Chain

You can see the size better sitting on my regular size Irish Chain quilt. The size right now is about 13.5" x 16 " with the larger borders. I think I will cut the borders down so they finish at 3/4" which is half the size of the blocks which finish at 1.5" squares. The little squares in the nine patches are all 1/2" squares. Some are a bit wonky, I decided to leave them that way, for charm and because there is no way I can do it any better with regular piecing.

Oops! I noticed an iron burn after the DQS11 mini quilt top was done

This photo was taken this morning. That is the piece I excised last night when I noticed I had burned it with my iron.

DQS11 - repairing the burnt piece

I just ripped it out of its spot and reinserted a fresh one. You can see from this photo that I was doing that well after dark. It was far easier than I expected to do this. As the recommendation is to use a much smaller stitch length with a mini quilt, the less seam ripping the better, and all I had to do was rip out the square and a few stitches on all sides of it to insert the replacement square. I hope you have trouble locating where it was done in the first picture.

Binding choices - what do you like?

Here are my binding options, opinions are welcome. The one on the bottom left is far more lime green that this picture suggests. All are K. Fassett, the prints were used in the top and the solids are shot cottons.

Hawaii, at the beach

Last week we were in Hawaii, on the Big Island. Here is one of the beach pictures. This water was like going into a nice refreshing and warm tub. So most of the time we were in it.

Hawaii - Turtle

There were turtles.

Hawaii - fish

And beautiful fish.

Hawaii - fish

More fish. I will figure out their names and show you some more later. My son took these while snorkeling with our waterproof point and shoot camera.

Good-bye Hawaii

Here is my good bye Hawaii shot, taken at the airport last Sunday night before we boarded our plane, flew all night, stopped in two airports, then took two ferry boats, and arrived safely at my cottage on a small island in the Salish Sea (now you would recognize it as the Pacific Ocean). Jet lag, unpacking, laundry, settling in, etc. have taken most of my week but now I am sewing again.

I hope your summer is going well.