SCQ Long Arm

Millennium APQS Long Arm set up

Before I start quilting for others, I am going to learn some tricks about long arming and also about threads. Stay tuned. In the meantime, I will add some quilting shots here and you can read more about my long arm adventures in my regular blog posts.

Earth, a colour study in green Blended Scraps - quilted Snowfall - quilting detail My Millennium long arm has a black light so I can see white thread on white fabrics, and it makes a huge difference. #apqs #millennium  #matchstickquilting


  1. Love it!! I am going to longarm for my first customer soon......a nurse gave me her GreatGrandmothers Double Wedding Ring Quilt....put together by hand 35 years think of that while you practice!!....yiikes!!....nothing like having to jump in head first, eh?......LOVE the narrow straight to Quilt out of the "box"!.....

  2. Hi Leanne, I need to contact you off the blog about longarm quilting. My e-mail address is Thank you.


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