Saturday, March 26, 2011

Party Rings!

I am sewing today. I finished the 6 blocks for Lily's Quilts QAL. My quilt is going to be called Party Rings. I have to thank Judith for the name, we don't have these beautiful cookies or biscuits (depending on where you live) here in Canada. I think this name is perfect!

Each ring will be part of a square about 30". I plan to use two browns and a pink for the backgrounds.

Lily's QAL 6 Blocks

It is hard to wait for the next step, but the whole point of quilting along is to stay with your group. The group is great and all their wonderful work can be found here.

In the meantime, Lynne was very kind and set up a tutorial to allow us to ease into curved piecing. I had fun making my second mug rug last night.

At the beach

I had fun with the quilting!




Rhonda the Rambler said...

I love your party rings and your mug rug. I am going to sew my mug rug tomorrow. Planned on doing it today but ended up spending the day on the couch with dd in front of Netflix. Ended up being a great day.

Marg said...

Love your Party Rings, the pinks and browns look fabulous together. I can't believe you've already made a mug rug too, I love the Innocent Crush fabrics you have chosen. I still have to sew my rings together and I really want to make the mug rug too.

Sarah said...

Gorgeous! Gorgeous!

Judith, Belfast said...

Wow! Your party rings look amazing. Thanks for naming them after my suggestion. I'd love to send you a packet of these party ring biscuits but not sure they'd survive the postage! I love the quilting in your mug rug - v.creative & gorgeous! Jxo

Jenny said... rings!! And the little mug rug is so cute! I'm very, very into curves these days!!

StuffandThings said...

The party rings colors are beautiful! The quilting on your mug rug is amazing!

Silvinha said...

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